with award art by

a flower growing from a crack in the ground
the unnamed martian reactor from total recall award

for bringing life back to a barren world

The Green Fog
a peach emoji, aflame
the Unidentified Cum Preacher award

for spending hours on that one word: come

Cavity Girl
a cat sleeping peacefully
the Hypnos award

for a hypnotic sleep

falling asleep and waking up after the film is over
disembodied hands touching swirling land masses on a globe
the Gaia award

for creation of the earth

Cave dominoes
yoda with an academic mortar board hat
the Yoda award

for contributions to yoda theory

a marionette
the SHODAN award

for manipulating humans for devious ends

Windows XP Meteorite Covenant
the videodrome biomechanical gun hand
the Borg Collective award

for assimilating the flesh of humanity

dirt being shovelled from a hole behind a "men at work" sign
the Durin's Bane award

for workers tunnelling into their own doom

( C Y C L E )
a cutout in front of a flame, casting a shadow
the Plato award

for shadow allegories in a cave

The Cave
the mona lisa with mushrooms sprouting from it
the Andrew Shannon award

for the destruction of art in service of a higher purpose

Vault 819, Underground
glowing eyes in the mouth of a dark cave
the Mammoth Cave award

for strange encounters in a knot of caves

Twisty little passages
a human liver with a fork stuck in it
the Eugene Victor Tooms award

for a creature desiring livers

Sympathy for the Anthropomancer
ancient greek style image of a minotaur
the Theseus award

for the arduous slaying of a minotaur

I, The Living Flame
legs sticking out of a mouth in the floor
the Unnamed Ocean from Solaris award

for an unknowable planet just living and eating

a control panel labeled "eschaton 3000" with buttons for "destruction" and "immanentize"
the Francis Fukuyama award

for immanentizing the eschaton

a stack of letters with a rose atop
the Sappho award

for love letters to girls

fib, tub, sew
a spiral staircase
the Unnamed Labyrinth from House of Leaves award

for an endless staircase

the heaven's gate logo
the Edgar Evernever award

for a new age rapture

Ninth Circle
a sign saying "welcome to silent hill"
the Silent Hill award

for a city of living trauma

fissure in the bones
a slug covered in ectoplasm
the Ebrietas award

for imbibing the secretions of the gods

Remote Sensing
a gravestone "purification grave. occupied."
the Unnamed Giant Fungal Organism from X-Files award

for surrendering to the siren call of the earth

ancient greek style image of a man rolling a boulder
the Sisyphus award

for a neverending task