with award art by , and

the iconic v8 interceptor from mad max
the Max Rotansky award

for rider, their wheels, and a bond of grease

ill-fitting puzzle pieces jammed together
the Herman Munster award

for a body built from spare parts

nekkid robot
the severed leg of a 18th century sailor
the Francis Crozier award

for a voyage doomed both existentially and emotionally

a whale
the Jonah award

for a gang swallowed whole

That Time our Girlfriend ate the Entire Polycule!
a domino with stars like a password entry box
the Richard Catalinaville award

for an outed password opening the door to intrigue and homosex

Domino Club
the iron giant
the Iron Giant award

for being forced into a corner and going apeshit

Under the Crimson Moon
yoda looking thoughtful
the Yoda award

for documentation of yoda history

This Machine Destroys EVERY YODA
an arm with a gun emerging from a tv screen
the Brian O'Blivion award

for elp in the coming battle via tv

cold sweat
hakaider, angry, holding a burning flower
the Hakaider award

for wrestling with your own doppleganger

a video game medpack
the Doctor Chef award

for caring for the varied denizens of space

Looking after an orbiting rock
a floppy disk split in two like a broken heart necklace
the Joel Barish award

for a romance of two doomed to forget they ever knew each other

a piston head slick with lubrication
the James Ballard award

for learning to stop worrying and fuck the machine

tetsuo iron man
the Tetsuo award

for life through the eyes of fading flesh

elegy unhumun
a mechanical worm emerging from the ground
the Joseph Hendrickson award

for mankind replacing itself with a poor imitation

The Ouroborous Incident
the ocp logo from robocop
the Alex Murphy award

for memories of a humanity lost and irrecoverable

Victim Doll
a rubber ducky
the Dana Scully award

for enjoying a nice bath ;)

a timer ticking down from 5 minutes
the Unnamed Evony Babe award

for lasting five minutes

a green door enveloped in smoke
the Caiman award

for urban grime of smoke and flesh

Ash From Silent Smoke
a lamp post in the snow
the Lucy Pevensie award

for warped time in an endless winter

the fleshy existenz console
the Ted Pikul award

for an unavoidable compulsion towards to the digusting

x-ray of a pterasaur skull
the Dark Nowhere award

for a struggle to find connection in sexuality

Betwixt Pterosaur Wings
little creature dancing among the mushrooms
the Invisible Boy award

for little guys going about their business

This machine
a severed limb and a doctor's bone saw
the Hannibal Lecter award

for a fantasy of dismembering your lover

kiss me in the shadows of every spark
a girl's skirt blowing up to show their underwear
the Honey Kisaragi award

for achievements in fan service

cavity girl FUCKS
a close up of data's cat spot, being held in data's arms
the Data award

for a human fumbling to respect android sentience

the meme of the screaming crying cat
the Obi Wan Kenobi award

for a tragedy even the younglings did not survive

Dyar Beach
an anthropomorphic whale that looks empty-headed
the Kaiba award

for a temporarily embarrassed body haver

Body of Work
a bare foot
the Suika Ibuki award

for a bondage toe hoe

Helga Strikes Back!
thing from the addams family making the ok sign
the Mr Potato Head award

for disembodied and unruly limbs

a leg being fed into a woodchipper
the Tom Nosurname award

for a woodchipper massacre

reuse, recycle, compost
a monsterous gremlin from the movie gremlins
the Gizmo award

for going feral after dark

community management