with award art by and

amulet with image of black figure in trenchcoat and hat
the Osamu Sato award

for a trip into a colorful dream

amulet with image of radioactive artifact
the Anatoly Dyatlov award

for taking in your stride a situation that's not great but not terrible

im doing better now
amulet with image of q and picard in bed together
the Q award

for a supreme being and their delightful diminutive companion

Encounter At Roofpoint
amulet with image of a closeup of a human eye
the David Mirrors award

for repressed memories of dark murder

amulet with image of a jar of piss
the Samuel Taylor Coleridge award

for water water everywhere, but none you'd dare to drink

amulet with image of a hand gesturing with the index finger
the Sister Wendy Beckett award

for the intersection of church and art, and simply being as you are

Choir Medals
amulet with image of an asian girl
the Sumio Mondo award

for wandering the grounds of a dream filled with dopplegangers

Behind The Red Dais
amulet with image of a web of neurons
the Reika Otori award

for advances in paranormal neuroscience

amulet with image of a bunny sleeping in the dirt
the Frank Donnie Darko award

for dreams haunted by a bunny

a Thesis for Truth
amulet with image of 80fitz doing beatboxing joker
the Kondwani Sichinga award

for the longest inhale ever

Joey Wamone's Highly Catered Delicatessen
amulet with image of eggplants growing
the Stan Lee award

for the most ambitious crossover event in history

SAMUEL PEPYS: Dream Diarist
amulet with image of a cartoonish 3d eyeball
the Michel Foucault award

for re-externalising internalised surveillance

Topic: desire
amulet with image of a playstation 1 skeleton with a sword
the Hatchling Outer Wilds award

for endless deaths most violent

Joey Wamone's Normal Bedtime Routine That Is Absolutely Not A Recurring Tooth Decay Nightmare
amulet with image of bigfoot
the Fox Mulder award

for something missing, and the search for something greater than yourself, out there

The Mouth Of The Woods
amulet with image of hands holding a mysterious box
the Betty Elms award

for retreating from the horrors of life to be your sexiest self in dreams

The Curious Tale of Crisis A-Go-Go
amulet with image of a solemn knight sitting cross-legged
the The Green Knight award

for a knight's faded lustre and lurid follies

The Lamentation of the Forgotten Knight
amulet with image of a demon
the Willow Rosenberg award

for a queer love life complicated by demonic intrusion and a dumbass best friend

amulet with image of a disembodied claymation hand creature
the God award

for creating weird little guys from clay

make your ancestors smile upon you เซฎโ‚ หถ>โค™<หถ โ‚Žแƒ
amulet with image of uncle fester
the Matt Shadows award

for a nightmare come to life

sleep paralysis demon
amulet with image of a detective
the Benoit Blanc award

for a compelling mystery that seems to make no damn sense

An Assembly of Toppling Figures - Spring 2023 Senior Art Exhibition
amulet with image of test tubes
the Syd March award

for intimate fluids sold at market value

amulet with image of a skeleton running
the Himemiya Anthy award

for hitting da bricks. roll credits, cue banger

Dream Tube